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Addison HVAC Repair and Maintenance

Addison is a leading manufacturer and supplier of HVAC cooling and dehumidification systems. Troy Electric Sales & Service are here to support all of your HVAC needs on Vancouver Island. Whether you require repairs, maintenance programs or technical support we, at Troy Electric, are happy to assist you however we can.

Troy Electric Pump Products Repair and Maintenance

Troy Electric is expert at repairing all types of Addison HVAC systems for a large range of applications. HVAC systems require regular maintenance to extend their lifespan and reduce the chance of breakdown.

HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), bring outside air indoors, heating or cooling, filtering and dehumidifying it in the process. Addison is best known for their Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS), that transfer filtered and dehumidified outdoor air that has been reheated to a neutral temperature, to the inside.

Addison’s split and rooftop DOAS configurations are widely used in commercial and industrial applications where safe, healthy air is essential, including: healthcare facilities, schools, fitness centres, hotels and restaurants and office buildings. The flexibility of the Addison product lines allow them to be configured to meet each client’s unique needs. Addison also offers energy efficient options to reduce operating costs.

Addison was established in 1949 to manufacture refrigeration for vending machines. In 1952, the company switched focus to residential air conditioning and took off when a new split system design allowed it to become more affordable for the average homeowner. It grew to be one of the most trusted names in HVAC design and manufacture. It is based in Orlando, Florida.

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