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Armstrong Fluid Technology Repair

Armstrong Fluid Technology is a manufacturer and distributor of intelligent fluid flow equipment, including pumps, valves, heat exchange,and control solutions. Troy Electric Sales & Service are proud Armstrong Service Partners and are here to support all your Armstrong fluid technology needs on Vancouver Island. Whether you require replacement parts, warranty service, pump or HVAC repairs, maintenance programs or technical support Troy Electric is happy to assist however we can.

Troy Electric Fluid Technology Repair and Maintenance

Troy Electric are experts at repairing all types of Armstrong fluid-flow and HVAC components and systems. Troy Electric is an Armstrong Fluid Technology warranty service partner, repair facility and parts supplier. Troy Electric is a Armstrong warranty service partner, repair facility and parts supplier to Victoria and Vancouver Island

Armstrong Fluid Technology originated in 1934 in Toronto, Ontario engineering circulating pumps and heating systems. Over the decades the family-owned business has grown into a global company, using its expertise in fluid technology components and systems to expand into the engineering and support of intelligent building energy technologies. 

For example, their Design Envelope Technology launched in 2009, dynamically adjusts the speed and pressure of equipment to exactly match system demand. This results in an exceptionally environmentally-friendly, flexible and cost-effective solution to the building’s fluid-flow and HVAC systems.

Armstrong Fluid Technology is known for their innovative solutions to address their customers’ changing needs. Their fluid and energy solutions are solidly grounded in what works and makes sense on all fronts, including technically, financially and environmentally. Armstrong products have long been recognized as some of the best quality and most durable in the industry.

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