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ABB Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Sales and Maintenance

Troy Electric is the local Vancouver Island distributor for ABB Variable Frequency Drive products and the only stocking distributor of VFDs on the Island. ABB is now the largest electrical manufacturing company in the world.

Adjustable Speed Drives, often referred to as Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), are basically used for two purposes; to control production and to save on energy costs. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the 40 million motors used by U.S. industry account for 70% of its electricity consumption — and that up to 18% of that energy could be saved by applying proven efficiency technologies such as Variable Frequency Drives.

Historically, electric motors have been controlled by an on-off method with speed adjusted by pulleys. With the development of Variable Frequency Drives, it has been possible to control motor speed by adjusting the supply side frequency and voltage, modifying the power to the motor. Somewhere in the range of 85% of all electric motors are now controlled by VFDs.

Typically, VFDs are installed in critical applications where the replacement of a VFD may be crucial to the operation of a facility. Equipment down time may mean hardship to a building’s comfort or expensive down time to production. Troy Electric’s in stock, on-the-shelf ABB drive inventory solution is available to get you through these time sensitive demanding situations.

“I want the local Vancouver Island Community to know if they should have a VFD failure, Troy Electric is ready and available to offer a quick solution for their failed VFD problem.”

Reg Nordby

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Maintenance

Troy Electric started in the VFD business in 1993 and established ourselves as the VFD authorities on Vancouver Island. Sales of VFDs quickly became a key part of our business, which was followed by application engineering, repairs, corrective and preventative maintenance, and commissioning of VFDs. As well as being VFD providers, we pride ourselves on assisting VFD users with training and drive application problem resolution.

Some of our competitors claim to be VFD experts, but none have the near 30 years of experience that we do. We are factory trained in the sales, application, maintenance, and troubleshooting of VFDs (many trips to the factory for training)!

No other local drive service provider comes close to the expertise and in-depth preventative maintenance program we can provide. Inert gas, not compressed air is used to clean the internal circuit boards so as not to damage the delicate circuitry with static charges. VFD fault logs are checked and possible fault trends are investigated for possible underlying problems. Power base (IGBT, SCR and diodes) components and bus capacitors are tested to determine where they are in their life cycle. Thermograph scans are taken to check for overheated connections and torqued to the manufacturer’s specifications. Once the preventative maintenance procedure has been completed you will be provided with an in-depth report on the condition and the overall operating status of your VFD.

We have the experience and capability to understand unknown drive and motor failures associated with your application. Drive failures are very often symptomatic of a preexisting problem and simply replacing a VFD is not the solution.

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