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Grundfos Pumps Repair and Maintenance

Grundfos is one of the world’s leading water technology companies. We at Troy Electric Sales & Service are proud Grundfos Service Partners and are here to support all your Grundfos pump needs on Vancouver Island. Whether you require replacement parts, warranty service, pump repairs, maintenance programs or technical support we at Troy Electric are happy to assist you however we may.

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Troy Electric Pump Products Repair and Maintenance

A Proud Authorized Service Partner with Grundfos

Troy Electric are experts at repairing all types of Grundfos pumps for a large range of applications. Pumps require regular maintenance and it is best to address any problems such as vibrations or overheating before the problem causes a break-down. Troy Electric is a Grundfos warranty service partner, repair facility and parts supplier to Victoria and Vancouver Island.

Grundfos Product Line

At its most basic, a pump is a simple mechanical device that moves liquid. A partial vacuum is created by dispelling air, causing a difference of pressurization. This provides the path for the fluid to move, since liquid will naturally travel towards a lower pressured environment.

The simplicity of this basic principle, belies the absolute indispensability of pumps in a wide variety of industries. Pumps are used in water and wastewater, chemical, oil and gas, and power generation.

Grundfos, a Danish firm, created their first water pump in 1945 — a positive displacement pump using pistons to pump water from wells up to 7 meters deep. Since then, pump technology and the industry has grown hugely in sophistication to meet the world’s ever increasing complexity and need for water/fluid circulation systems. Grundfos has been one of the world leaders in pump innovation and now serves over 130 countries. 

Grundfos manufactures a wide diversity of pumps — seventeen categories of them — for water and wastewater applications and industrial, agricultural, and building services. Grundfos is valued for their efficient, reliable, and sustainable pump solutions. As a company, Grundfos works hard to make the world a better place by reducing its footprint and by helping to bring safe drinking water to the areas of the world that lack it.

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