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KSB Pump Repair

KSB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial pumps and valves. We at Troy Electric are here to support all your KSB pump and valve needs on Vancouver Island. Whether you require pump repairs, maintenance programs or technical support Troy Electric is happy to assist you however we may.

KSB Pump Products Repair and Maintenance in Victoria

Troy Electric is expert at repairing all types of KSB pumps for a large range of applications. Pumps require regular maintenance and it is best to address any problems such as vibrations or overheating before the problem causes a break-down. 

KSB is a German multinational pump and valve manufacturer well known for their quality products and innovative design. The company has a presence on every continent and their products are used globally in a wide range of industries.

KSB has a long history of innovation starting way back in 1871 with Johannes Klein’s invention of a boiler feed apparatus to improve the boiler’s efficiency. Klein was joined by entrepreneurs Friedrich Schanzlin and Jakob Becker to market the product, and the company took off. Today KSB manufactures an extensive line of pumps and valves used in a wide range of industries and applications. They also offer both plug-and-play software and configuration tools as well as custom-made systems to enhance operational efficiency.

KSB’s extensive line of pumps include a variety of submersible pumps, dry installed pumps, ring sectioned pumps, tubular casing pumps and barrel pull-out pumps, which can be configured to meet any fluid processing application.

Valves are a critical part of any industrial pump system to accurately control flow. KSB manufactures a variety of manual valve and high-tech automated valve systems using an assortment of valve types such as globe valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, lift check valves, swing check valves, diaphragm valves, strainers, and ball valves.

The applications of KSB pumps and valves are considerable, spanning a number of industries, including:



The applications of KSB pumps and valves are considerable, spanning a number of industries, including:

  • Water: Extraction, transport and treatment
  • Building Services: Water supply, drainage, air conditioning, and fire protection
  • Petrochemicals and chemicals: Pumps designed to withstand high temperatures/pressure, and flammable chemicals
  • Energy: Pumps and valves for sun, wind, fossil fuels, geothermal heat or nuclear power generating industries
  • Mining: Pumps to move slurry across short or long distances


KSB’s motto is: People. Passion. Performance. They aim to continue growing sustainably and profitably through relentless attention to these values.

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