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Equipment Repair Services in Victoria BC - Electric Motor Repair and Electro-Mechanical Servicing

At Troy Electric, our service technicians repair a wide range of commercial and industrial machinery: from food processing, packaging, and manufacturing to CNC production equipment and more. We understand that when equipment fails, lost time and productivity can be your biggest costs – we aim to provide timely, thorough solutions that get you back up and running quickly, safely, and reliably.

We never offer band-aid solutions; we get to the core of the problem, making sure our solutions work within the total system. We repair or replace failed components when necessary – testing, adjusting and calibrating for optimal performance. Thinking of updating your equipment? We can also replace older equipment or systems with newer, more efficient designs to improve your workplace environment.

We make sure equipment is installed correctly and operates effectively in conjunction with other devices. Our many years of experience separate us from the competition, providing you with the best solutions to your challenging application issues, diagnostics, root failure analysis, and control troubleshooting. Because misapplication and improper use is a common cause of break-downs and inefficiencies, we offer experienced assistance that will minimize maintenance costs, improve safety and performance over the lifespan of your equipment.

We work with amazing clients, big and small.

Navy, Coast Guard, Ferry, Cruise Ship industries, and more depend on us for our innovative solutions, our quality work, and dependable service.

What our customers say.

Troy Electric has had many happy customers in Victoria and across Vancouver Island that vouch for our expert mechanical and electrical services and excellent customer support.

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