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Miller Electric Welding Equipment Service & Repair

Miller Electric is one of the world's leading manufacturers of arc welding and cutting equipment.Troy Electric Sales & Service is an authorized warranty and service centre for Miller Electric. Troy Electric provides Miller Electric welding equipment, calibration, maintenance, and repair services to contractors, institutions, and businesses in Victoria and across Vancouver Island.

Troy Electric Welding Equipment Service, Repair and Sales

Troy Electric’s certified technicians are experts at repairing welder controls, wire feeders, plasma cutters, torch reamers/cleaners, power sources, and other associated welding equipment. Troy Electric Sales & Service is an authorized warranty and service centre for Miller Electric.

Miller Electric was founded in 1929 by Neils Miller to meet a growing demand for affordable arc welding equipment in rural Wisconsin. Neils Miller built a small arc welder out of recycled scrap steel and coil windings to replace the heavy, expensive DC rotary units that were previously available.

Miller Electric has continued their focus on innovation and today manufactures hundreds of solution-based products that respond to customer’s needs. For example, in the early 70s they developed the first welding machine with a built-in wire feeder, the Millermatic 35. Miller Electric welders are now used in a wide range of industries including: manufacturing, fabrication, construction, aviation, motorsports, education, agriculture and marine applications.

Miller Electric is especially well-known for their MIG and TIG welding machines, following on their early innovations in arc welders. They also produce quality Stick and Engine Driven welders that are very popular. Miller Electric welders produce clean high-quality welds, are versatile, flexible, reliable and long lasting. True to their philosophy of meeting customer needs, Miller-Electric also manufactures a full range of safety equipment from welding masks and helmets to fume extractors.

Miller Electric’s stellar reputation is rooted in their excellent customer service and support as well as their quality welders.

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