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Maska has been making quality V-belt pulleys, sheaves, bushings, couplings and related mechanical power transmission components since 1964. A Canadian company based in Québec, Maska was bought by Baldor Electric in 2008 to become part of Baldor-Dodge-Reliance. Maska is now one of the top sheave/pulley manufacturers in North America.

Maska sheaves — also referred to simply as pulleys — are generally used with V-belts for power transmission. They can be used for speed and torque ratio changes to increase/decrease shaft speeds as well as increase/decrease shaft torque.

Maska manufactures a wide variety of sheaves to accommodate a range of cable or belt types and weight loads. All Maska sheaves are built with quality in mind, appropriate to the intended use. The Maska heavy-duty sheaves, built with high-strength materials, are standard in the HVAC, industrial, agricultural and aggregate industries because of their reliable strength, durability and design that reduces friction, wear and tear.

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